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Welcome to EarthandEssentials.com, where you will find beautiful earth inspired pieces of jewelry, bohemian products, bamboo products, eyewear, You'nique handbags, essential oils and so much more!  At Earth & Essentials, we believe we are connected to the earth through color, gems, stones and fashion. We believe in sustainability and every action taken to preserve the earth is vital to the balance of the ecosystem.  


Our founder started with a passion to create a private label brand of bamboo bathroom tissue called WHOLEROLL after she realized that 98% of virgin pulp bathroom tissue on store shelves were made from trees that manufacturers were chopping down. She began the startup company on this premise and decided to expand the line of earth inspired products by creating an online store called 'Earth & Essentials' which is a curation of products made from natural resources, some products are our designers choices where they draw inspiration from nature, it's properties and the colors of the earth. Some of our products are classics, some are ecofriendly, some are unique and some just simply make statements on their own; only as the beauty of the earth and it's natural resources can do.


WHOLEROLL LLC. dba Earth & Essentials partners with The Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every order purchased on Earth & Essentials online store or any packaged brand of WHOLEROLL Bamboo Bath Tissue. We are committed to providing top quality products at great prices while actively investing in the earth. Our bathroom tissue is proudly made from bamboo.



Bamboo is one of the most renewable and environmental friendly plants on earth. It is also the fastest growing plant on the earth. Bamboo grows 20 times faster, produces 30% more oxygen and absorbs 35% more carbon than trees. Bamboo has zero elements of BPA found in its tissue like recycled tissues and contains zero chemicals nor destroys trees like virgin pulp bathroom tissue does. Bamboo bathroom tissue also contains natural antibacterial properties that is healthy for the skin. 

 In the United States alone with the annual output of about 20 million tons of paper, a transition to bamboo bathroom tissue could save over 400,000,000 trees annually.

WHOLEROLL LLC. dba Earth & Essentials, partners with dozens of reputable import & export companies, warehousing & logistics companies and after sales service providers from around the world to bring great products to you at affordable prices. Better still, we have an elite team, that is dedicated and truly capable of providing the customer with products of quality and value. We cater to the customers needs and are always looking to unlock new frontiers and ideas that will benefit the earth and expand your taste and your fashion horizon.



Every product we showcase reflects a fun, colorful, natural and earthy palette of taste. We design and buy with the earth in mind. Some products are environmental friendly because we believe it is our responsibility. Each piece is beautiful and if it's not beautiful, we don't have it. We design, buy and curate fantastic pieces that are affordable, products full of earthy tones and color because beautiful doesn't have to be expensive. Every piece that we select draws from the inspiration and the beauty of nature. Whether its a handbag, sunglasses, our bohemian products, essentials oils or even our bamboo products, we believe that beauty is in harmony with the earth.

Earth & Essentials is committed to providing customers with original, high quality and one of a kind earth inspired products at reasonable prices. 


  • We offer high-quality products and we deliver when we say we will.
  • We provide beautifully curated items chosen by our design team in partnership with our suppliers.
  • We optimize your shopping experience with simple descriptive selections.
  •  We partner with the Arbor Day Foundation with our "One Box One Tree"  Commitment to plant one tree for every order which is our commitment to the earth. 
  •  We provide professional customer service.
  •  We're not just another store or company, but we're mission minded determined to contribute to preserve the earth and the future of the next generation. 


We are a team with vigor and vitality, a self-dependent socially conscious design team, with an experienced purchasing department as well as mature supply chains. All of these qualities enable Earth & Essentials to accelerate its pace into becoming a global online retailer. The founder, who is also a Climate Reality Leader with Al Gore's Leadership Team, loves design and beauty and believes everything is connected to the earth and our sense of style can be inspired from it. 

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